Professional agronomic and crop planning services created with your Saskatchewan farm in mind!

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Weed issues, insect thresholds, disease threats, herbicide resistance, nutrient deficiencies, crop staging for herbicide or fungicide applications… These and many other issues can only be properly assessed and managed with careful field scouting. Farmers may feel they require assistance with field scouting due to time constraints with managing other parts of their business, a lack of expertise in certain aspects of agronomy, or various other reasons which are specific to each farm. We can help bridge these gaps. Without the distractions of marketing, financing, and conducting the field operations to make a farm work, we do what we know best and that’s agronomy. After scouting fields we provide reports of our observations including recommendations on how to manage your fields to maximize profits and remain sustainable.

Our ‘cradle to grave’ agronomic package includes:

-          Weekly field scouting from pre-seed to fungicide application

-          Scout every 1-3 weeks afterwards, depending on needs

-          Includes crop management recommendations

-          Field record keeping using software

-          Soil testing and fertility planning

-          Crop planning

-          If desired, variable rate prescriptions for seeding and fertilizing

Jason Friesen
Jason Friesen G & B Friesen Farms
“We've been working with Larry and Field Good Agronomics for nearly 20 years. We find tremendous value in their program. From their variable rate fertility and seed mapping to crop, weed and insect scouting, it's given us the time and opportunity to focus on managing and growing our farm profitably. We strongly believe in adapting to new technology and are happy to have Field Good anxious to grow and evolve with us.”
Shane Peters, Claims Adjuster II
Shane Peters, Claims Adjuster II MMFI Saskatchewan
“We have found Larry to be professional and easy to work with, while his knowledge and insights were invaluable to our company. We received his report in a prompt manner and the fees charged were reasonable. Our experience with Larry could not have been better and we highly recommend his forensic agronomy services.”

Professional agronomic and crop planning services created with your farm in mind!