Professional agronomic and crop planning services created with your Saskatchewan farm in mind!

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Soil Testing and Post Season Crop Planning for Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Variable Rate Prescriptions Available for Seed and Fertilizer for Farm Land within 100 km of Humboldt, SK

Crop Scouting and Input Recommendations Humboldt, SK

Agronomic Services Humboldt, Saskatchewan
What are the benefits of choosing an independent agronomic consultant?
At Field Good Agronomics Ltd, in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, our number one priority is providing exceptional service and professional agronomic advice to our clients. As independent consultants, we work for you. We will do our best to remain impartial to product branding and provide you with advice and recommendations for your farm.
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Professional Crop Management
Field Good Agronomists | Service Area | Saskatchewan
Our agronomists are available in a large service area
Our service area currently includes a radius of approximately 100 km of Humboldt, SK. We are experienced with providing agronomic advice regarding crop establishment and management, weed and disease identification, soil test analysis and fertility planning. We are knowledgeable in a variety of crops including canola, flax, barley, wheat (spring, durum and winter), oats, peas, lentils, soybeans, alfalfa, grain corn, quinoa and hemp. We can also assist with forage selection and pasture management for clients who are involved with extensive livestock production.
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100 km of Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Crop Production & Management | Available Year Round
Affecting the long term viability and value of your crop
We also take pride in the relationship we are able to develop with our individual clients. After our first meeting with you, we begin to evaluate what tools you are looking for to add value to your farm. This could include record keeping, fall soil testing or a full agronomic package. We are also available year-round to assist with any off season planning and decision making.
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Long Term Support
Field Good Agronomics | Lake Lenore Agro Co-Op
Field scouting & agronomic support PLUS crop input products & custom applications.
The independent consultants with Field Good Agronomics Ltd will be working with Lake Lenore Agro Co-op to service clients in the surrounding area! Field Good Agronomics Ltd will provide quality field scouting and agronomic support while the Lake Lenore Co-op continues to provide a wide range of quality crop input products and custom application options.
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  • Agronomic Services Humboldt, Saskatchewan Professional Crop Management
  • Field Good Agronomists | Service Area | Saskatchewan 100 km of Humboldt, Saskatchewan
  • Crop Production & Management | Available Year Round Long Term Support
  • Field Good Agronomics | Lake Lenore Agro Co-Op

Field Good Agronomics: Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide farmers in the Humboldt, Saskatchewan area with individualized crop production and record keeping services tailored to meet their operation needs. We offer full agronomic services for anywhere within 100 KM of Humboldt, SK.

The combination of our field experience with new technology and research allows our clients to benefit from peace of mind in decision making, sustainable management of farm resources and increased profitability.

Field Good Agronomics
Larry achieved his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba in 1994 and went on to get a Masters of Science also from the University of Manitoba. He founded Field Good Agronomics Ltd. in 2001.

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Larry Durand
Larry Durand
Jason Friesen
Jason Friesen G & B Friesen Farms
“We've been working with Larry and Field Good Agronomics for nearly 20 years. We find tremendous value in their program. From their variable rate fertility and seed mapping to crop, weed and insect scouting, it's given us the time and opportunity to focus on managing and growing our farm profitably. We strongly believe in adapting to new technology and are happy to have Field Good anxious to grow and evolve with us.”
Shane Peters, Claims Adjuster II
Shane Peters, Claims Adjuster II MMFI Saskatchewan
“We have found Larry to be professional and easy to work with, while his knowledge and insights were invaluable to our company. We received his report in a prompt manner and the fees charged were reasonable. Our experience with Larry could not have been better and we highly recommend his forensic agronomy services.”

Professional agronomic and crop planning services created with your farm in mind!